Technology that makes sense

I had a great chat yesterday with the director of the Frankfort, IL public library.  I saw a picture on Flickr (brianbrarian’s photo stream) of a piece of technology at the Frankfort library that I desperately desired for my library the minute I saw it.  They have  a touch-screen, interactive map of his library in the entrance to his building.

I’ve been writing a presentation about merchandising and one of the lessons learned that I’m putting in the presentation is that libraries need to think more about how to use the five senses in their libraries to get the attention of our users.  What a great example this is!  The director told me that it is so intuitive that everyone can figure it out almost immediately.  This is a perfect example of using technology to make things easier for the library’s users.

You can check out the map at the library’s website – scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the link for it.  Here’s a pic of it – I’m gonna get me one of these!  

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