Community building

How do you encourage community-building at your public library?  I learned a new tool (new to me that is) last night – have meet ups at your library.

To organize a meet-up you tell people where they should meet and when and let them know the focus of the meet up.  People show up if they are interested – it is as simple as that.

We’ve been developing craft neighborhood at the library and the manager of adult services decided to arrange a meet up for crafters.  She has lots of great ideas and this was definitely one of them.  I love rug hooking so I went – and it was wonderful!

We had eleven people in our new craft neighborhood and almost everyone was doing a different craft.  We talked about crafts, the library, and the community.  I had only planned to go for 30 minutes and stayed for over an hour.

There was no programming involved, just providing a pleasant space where folks could meet and chat – and isn’t that what community is all about?    Maybe the lesson here is that community-building happens in little, small steps like getting a group of strangers together to talk about knitting.   I just know I’m going again next week.


2 responses to “Community building

  1. Catherine, librarian, old but new

    This is just what I was looking for. We are planning an drop in. Learn tips & tricks from each other. “Drop In” wasn’t doing it — It’s a Meet Up! See, if I watched tv, I’d know my trends 😉

  2. I love the idea of an Ancestry drop-in…I’ll have to try that out. Let me know how yours goes. The crafting drop-in is still going strong. Some folks thought it was a class to start with but they decided they liked this concept even more!

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