Genealogy and libraries and librarians

ABDGenealogy is a wonderful thing.  It feels like a treasure hunt, searching for long-gone relatives, trying to find the connections that lead back to you and your life.  Whenever I learn something new about an ancestor I somehow feel like I’ve learned something new about myself.

I’m also of the opinion that genealogy is an outstanding outreach tool for public libraries.  I know that when we have a genealogy class at our library that we can be assured of getting a good audience with almost no effort. So, both because I love ancestor research and it is good for my library, I’m constantly trying to find ways of supporting this hobby.

Here’s the newest idea…we have lots and lots of old photos that have been donated to the library over the years.  The problem is that the people in the photos aren’t identified.  I’m thinking we’ll have a “mystery photos of the week” on our website asking the library’s users to help us identify the people in the pictures.  Seems like the photos would be of interest to folks who grew up in the town  and it would be another method of attracting people to our website regularly.   I’ll let you know how it turns out.

And, if you are interested the picture above is my great-grandfather when he was a young man.  Dashing, wasn’t he?

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