25massiveopeninfoI’m fascinated by MOOCs – massive online open courses.  I love the idea of unlimited, quality classes being available to anyone.

Coursera which is one of the first of the online education companies offering courses in this way had (according to the NY Times) a faster launch than either Facebook or Twitter!  So, there is obviously an interest in the concept.

I’m trying to figure out how public libraries should react to MOOCs.  I would say we are more SMOCs (somewhat massive open course) providers than MOOCs – but we are all operating in the same territory. As a starting point I’m going to make sure that the library’s customers know about MOOCs and what they can offer.  I may also add links to some of the larger and most reputable MOOCs on our website. MOOCs seem too good to pass up!

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  1. Hi,
    I liked your article about MOOCs! I think you`d like also this inforgraphic about MOOCs –



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