Trend tracking at the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference

ImageLast week I had the pleasure of attending the Virginia Library Association annual conference to talk about trend tracking.  I was so impressed to see such a big turn-out of Virginia librarians – those folks know how to do conferences right!

My goal for the talk was to share a methodology that will help libraries identify and take advantage of developing trends to provide new products and services to better serve their communities.  It isn’t hard to do trend tracking.  I think it is mostly a matter of a) seeing its value and b) being willing to commit the time to doing it.  Check out the presentation about trend tracking on my Presentation page if you want to see how the process works.

Why do I feel so strongly about trend tracking?  Because I think libraries must constantly be looking for new tools and processes that will help them stay ahead of the monumental wave of change happening to our profession – and it is a fun way to develop exciting new services at your library! One of the people I talked to after the presentation said trend tracking reminded him of the Lean Start-up movement in the business world.  He’s right – they are very similar.  If you know of other methods of doing this, I would love to hear about them!

One response to “Trend tracking at the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference

  1. I was very excited after hearing your speech at VLA last week, Elisabeth. It was exactly what I needed to hear–how to keep up with trends (cool hunters!), which types of media to follow, and how to build trend tracking into my schedule. Thank you for a well-organized, inspiring presentation!
    Tracy @LibrarianSmiles.

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