The Business Model Innovation Factory

direction_innovationI’m reading The Business Model Innovation Factory (see prior blog).  I think the author’s perspective on innovation and change is fascinating.  Here is some of what is causing me to nod my head while I’m reading:

Transformation is hard.  We have to make it easier by creating the conditions for ongoing experimentation.
If we want to stay relevant in the twenty-first century we have to experiment all the time.  Transformational business models must be designed around ways to improve the customer experience, not around ways to improve the performance of the current business model.

Today’s public libraries understand the need to change to stay relevant to our communities.   However, I think we are still tweaking and improving our current business model (delivering books and information) versus make substantive changes that will improve our customer experience.  We all say that we “aren’t book repositories anymore” but when you walk in the door of most public libraries you still see an organization and infrastructure build around the management of books.

The question I’m asking myself right now is “What value does the library provide (or should the library provide) to the community?  I would love to hear if other libraries have thought about this.   This is a question the author asks.  If you know your value then you can look at your organization to ensure it is structured to provide that value.  Seems logical!

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