10 Days 100 Ideas

waant_to_hearWe just finished up a project at Curtis Library that might be of interest to other libraries.  The project was called 10 Days, 100 Ideas.  Each day for 10 days we asked our community a series of questions via Facebook, our website, and in the library.  They responded to the questions with their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and input.  Our goal was to end up with at least 100 ideas we could incorporate into our next strategic plan update.

The result was amazing.  We ended up with over 1,500 comments, shared with us through multiple channels.  And, the comments were not just short one sentence answers.  They were long, carefully thought out responses.

While we felt slightly overwhelmed (it takes a long time to go through over 1,500 comments!) we were also excited and elated.  Clearly the community had a lot to say and we were happy to listen.  Now we are reading, thinking, and processing the answers and figuring out how to incorporate them into our planning.  If you are interested in reading some of the questions and responses, you can see them here.

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