Old dog – new trick

old-dogs-new-tricks-213x300Having spent most of my formative years in business, I learned to be a very careful financial manager.  I can pinch a penny with the best and (like many librarians) I get something of a thrill from making a whole lot happen at the library with minimal spending.

However, this old dog is trying to teach herself a new trick.  I’m trying not to be so careful with the library’s money that I end up sacrificing the library’s ability to “surprise and delight” its patrons when they walk in the door of our building.  I’m learning that sometimes you have to throw caution to the winds and just go with a good idea when it shows up and scramble a bit to find the funding to make things happen.

Agueda, Portugal - umbrella installation over a street - Portugal car hireHere’s what happened:  one of the library staff came to me with an awesome idea for an art installation at the library.  She saw a photo of a display on a street in Spain of umbrellas.  We happen to have a space in our library where doing something like this would work perfectly and it would be an awesome way to make everyone feel upbeat and happy when they walk into the library at the end of a long winter.

At first I dithered – we didn’t have any funds for this.  Then, I stopped and realized that the positive impact of doing a wonderful project like this would be worth every penny that would go into it in terms of the positive energy it would bring to the library and the community.  So, I threw caution to the winds and said “go for it!”  I’ll nip and tuck somewhere else to pay for this and I’ll be glad to do it.  There is huge “value” in providing a happy, enjoyable, beautiful environment for library patrons.  On April 1st we will be doing just that.  It’s nice to know that I can still learn something new!


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