I’m the director of the Curtis Memorial (public) Library in Brunswick, Maine.  I’m lucky enough to love what I do.  This is my second career, my first having been as a marketer in the business world.  I enjoyed marketing because it was challenging but I never felt like I was doing something that really mattered.  Now I do.

I call this blog the irreverent librarian because I can generally find humor in most situations and that leads to a bit of irreverence (lack of respect/veneration per the dictionary) for anything that smacks of “this is the way we’ve always done it”.  What can I say?  It’s a sickness…

In any case this blog is my effort to capture and consider ideas that might help librarians move fearlessly into the future.  We are in the midst of an incredible period of change for libraries that is scary, invigorating and a bit overwhelming.  As librarians we are working as fast as we can to figure out how to do this.  Maybe some of the ideas discussed here might help.

Occasionally I get asked to talk about topics near and dear to my heart like branding, trend tracking, marketing and merchandising.  I enjoy doing this since it is a great way of touching base with librarians across the country.  If you look on the “Presentations” page you can see a compendium of some of these presentations over the past few years.

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